About Us

Launched in 2013 Al-HAYA is an online Store devoted to bridging the gap between modest and modern fashion. We believe that modest fashion is modern.

At AL-HAYA we are dedicated to providing our customers with fashion forward styles, while never compromising on the concept of modesty. The go-to online destination for modern + modest style, AL-HAYA offers a comprehensive, hand picked collection of apparel and accessories from the industry's foremost contemporary modest fashion labels. AL-HAYA delivers an unparalleled selection of modest fashion items.

A Modest and Modern Store . At AL-HAYA we are constantly updating our site with the most current and innovative modest fashion. Check in with us frequently, as we add new inventory daily.

At our core, our shoppers are our inspiration, our drive, and our motivation. Customer service via email, phone, or even social media is always personal and attentive. We pride ourselves on never letting a message go unanswered.

We thank you for choosing to shop Al-Haya.co.uk and look forward to assisting you with your modest fashion needs.